Promotion Team Mayhem

Read Senior Producer Alex Snyder’s account of a hilarious mishap during one of Soul of Athens promotional events.


Photos by Mark Dawson

So many things come to mind when you think of someone ripping their pants. So much laughter–so many jokes. To be honest, though, when you’re the one actually ripping through a nice pair of brand new pants…the story is a different one!

So there we were, the Soul of Athens Promotion Team, doing promotional pictures during Mom’s Weekend at Ohio University. The night was going great and the response from passersby was amazing! I was high on life and wanted my picture taken…but I had to do one better and attempt a toe-touch in my picture.

…So many things go through your head when you’re in the middle of ripping your pants.

“…These are new pants…why are they ripping?

“Wow…not only is my picture being taken, but I’m also surrounded by a couple thousand people.”

“It’s kind of cold out tonight!”

It wasn’t even a tiny rip! It was around one and half feet of backside bearing torture! What was I to do? I lived more than 2 miles away…I certainly couldn’t walk! Well, I could have walked but I’d imagine the police would cite me for public indecency.

Luckily I was able to tie a sweater around my waist…accept the laughter and have some pants brought to me. By the end of the night my backside was toasty warm and I was able to jump kick into an awesome picture!


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