“Our Dreams Are Different” iPad App is Here!

The day has finally arrived! The Soul of Athens “Our Dreams Are Different” iPad App is here!

Although the content for the iPad was decided upon during week 5 of our 10-week quarter it took another 5 weeks to layout, design, build, test and edit content! The hard work paid off, however, and now Soul of Athens can proudly show off this great accomplishment!

The download includes selected pieces from the 2011 Soul of Athens website with a few new interactive features that only the iPad can offer! Swipe your way through each piece, all the while interacting with photos, maps and images. The best part…It’s ONLY 99¢!!!

“This year, the new challenge was to extend the brand of “Soul of Athens” to a theme and dual platforms,” said Terry Eiler, Director of the School of Visual Communication.

“Our interactive designers and producers have continued to refine their ability to produce quality story telling and exceptional visual journalism,” he added.

At the head of the project was Senior Producer and first year Graduate Student, Tristan Wyatt.

“One word, Hectic! I believe that the SOA group as a whole came to the same conclusion that we maybe aren’t as good of writers as we originally thought. The majority of the last minute work consisted of copyediting. Unlike the web, the iPad app process involves an approval process that can take up to couple weeks. If any mistakes slipped by, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to fix them until much later. For that reason, we put in a very strong effort into polishing and refining the content as best as possible. I truly believe that the care and effort invested shows in the app and the website,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt added, “I’m very excited to break new ground for the department. This was our first app, and was definitely a learning process. Even with the learning curve, I’m extremely impressed with the content that we produced this year, and how the SOA group pulled together to help build an app that we can be proud of. It was definitely a group effort. Now that we have this app under our belt, I’m excited to see how our future digital publications progress and evolve.”

Be sure to click the link below to buy your copy!


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