Soul Of Athens 2012 Project Begins…

It’s that time of year where nearly 100 students combine forces to create the annual Soul Of Athens project.Each year the goal is to push the envelope, both in terms of a tightened focus on content and message, as well as how that content is presented across platforms and outlets. After more than a month of informal discussions and brainstorming sessions, we’ve placed this statement sits at the top of one of our key guiding documents:

In this important national election year, SOA ‘12 will focus on and examine issues and policies that will shape the future of those living in the Southeast Ohio region. Our company will not explore every topic currently facing our country, or examine a particular political candidate’s stance on the issues. Instead, SOA ‘12 focuses on four core essays vital to America’s future as it moves forward in the 21st century.

Collaboration is going to be key. We have benchmarks and deadlines scattered across a 60-day timeline, with target publication dates set for the end of May. This year we’ve already started scouring the web for inspiration, sketching in our notebooks, working in teams, and going out into the community and region to gather stories.

Continue to visit this blog for a behind-the-scenes look at our story-gathering, collaboration and development process over the coming months.

~The Soul of Athens 2012 Team


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