Which comes first: Design or Content?

The last couple weeks our web team has been coming up with ideas on how we want the site to look and how we want users to navigate through our site. We’ve been making user flow charts and wireframes to convey some of our preliminary ideas. It’s been an interesting process. We’ve had some difficulties coming up with definite ideas because we still don’t have all of our content. It can be extremely difficult to come up with a plan for a website without completely knowing what will be in it. We’ve tried our best to get through this difficulty by remaining confident in our thoughts and plans. Gathering as much information from content creators as possible will allow us to build a site in tandem with the developing content. With this concept, we will be able to create an ideal site that will marry the web design with the content instead of just dropping content into a template.

While constructing some of our wireframes, we had a lot of different ideas as far as how a user will navigate through our site. One of our initial ideas was to have a pull out tab that a user could access to navigate to other areas of the site. After we discussed this idea, we realized that this tab would obstruct the content of the story. Even a small tab would take up too much of the screen on a mobile device. We want our users to be able to see our stories without any obstructions.

Our team works best by discussing all possible options in order to find the best solutions for the website. We are confident that our ideas will be fresh and engaging to keep users coming back for more.

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