A Fruitful Farewell

As a Design Director and Senior Editor for Soul of Athens this year, I have had the opportunity to help lead a production of talented individuals. This experience has been very humbling and one that I will remember forever. The late nights in the lab designing, the meetings, the laughs, the frustrations, and the friendships gained have made this team into a family. Getting to know everyone’s strengths, styles, and quarks has allowed me to be a better leader and has given me the opportunity to understand such a diverse group of creative minds.

From the very beginning, we had an intense game plan. We met continuously with senior producers to better understand each of the stories and come up with a sequential order for each of the major essay topics (health, liberties, economy, land). By taking the time to do this, we were able to get a better vision of the overall Swing State theme and create a website that would work hand-in-hand with the content being developed instead of dropping videos into a box at the very end. By coming up with an ideal presentation for each story, we were able to give each one the treatment it needed to work best within the essay and tell the story effectively.

Two challenges that we accepted this year were making an archive site to share all of the past Soul of Athens stories and making this year’s website responsive. Meaning that when you look at the website on different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), the content will shift and scale to fit each screen resolution so you can view the content in a slightly different way on each device and be able to read the text and view the videos as large as possible. We also dropped a few elements on mobile that we knew wouldn’t read very well small. Want to see how it works? If you are on a desktop, pull your browser in to make it smaller (at 2012.soulofathens.com) and you will see the content shift around to maximize the space.

So, great job to the web team for taking on the challenge! And thank you to everyone involved in getting Swing State launched! As I wrap up this quarter of being consumed with Soul of Athens, I want to thank everyone for making it such a memorable journey. I will take away so much from this experience that will help me both personally and professionally. It’s been a fun ride but it’s time for me to get some sleep! :) Catch you on the flip side, friends.

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